HBL Industrial Batteries


VRLA - Triumph HP

Laden Sie sich unsere geänderte Broschüre für die Batterietype Triumph HP runter. Bei Fragen können Sie uns gerne kontaktieren unter europeansales@hbl.in

HBL introduces revised data sheet for VRLA battery at C8 rating to an ECV of 1.75V. Please contact your nearest salesperson with inquiries. You can also send email to europeansales@hbl.in

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Certificate of Best Supplier

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited [ Aircraft Division- Nashik ] had conducted quality month during November 2015. During this event we have been selected as Best Vendor and honored with an award of Best Business Partner and issued a Certificate of Best Supplier

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Wir suchen neue Vertriebspartner /You want to become a distributor? /¿Quieres ser nuestro distribuidor ?

HBL sucht neue Vertriebspartner/ HBL seeks Additional Agents and Distributors / Siempre estamos buscando nuevos socios de distribución


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Flame Retardant Batteries

HBL Introduces New Line of Flame Retardant Batteries for Passenger Rail Vehicles

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