HBL Industrial Batteries

Triumph HP

Triumph HP

  • VRLA AGM Technology
  • Maintenance free
  • 2 V Single cells – Modulardesign – Horizontal stackable
  • Cycles: 4000 @ 20 % DOD
  • Design life: 20 years
  • Capacity range: 100–6000 Ah

Triumph-HP (Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries)

HBL's Triumph-HP series is a premium design valve regulated lead acid battery based on features offered by world class companies. The battery works on the gas recombination principle and has been designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.


HBL’s Triumph-HP series is backed by 30 years of design and manufacturing experience in field of specialized batteries. Triumph-HP batteries are manufactured using advanced processes like computer controlled cell formation, PLC controlled electrolyte filling and robotic welded steel enclosures. Further each unit is quality tested.


Triumph HP batteries are tested and certified by Intertek testing services as per

IEC 60896-21&22:2004


Superior Features

• Design life-20 years in float service @ 25°C

• Special alloys for deep discharge, long life and minimize gassing

• Ventilated module design for better thermal management

• Horizontal plate stacking for consistent performance over its life & better heat dissipation, no electrolyte stratification

• Total front access for easy maintenance

• Gas recombination technology that requires no water top up

• Extra space provided for grid growth to enhance battery life

• Self discharge less than 2% per month at 25°C

• Seismic Zone IV qualified racks are available on request for specific layouts

• Wide operating temperature range: -20°C to +55°C

Product Range

• 2V - 100Ah to 2V - 6000Ah


• Telecommunications

• Switchgear

• Oil and Gas

• Solar Photovoltaic Systems

• Process control systems


• Emergency Lighting

• Railways


Batteries can be selected from the above range for a given application. Contact HBL for your battery sizing requirements

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